Coaching and Accompaniment

Over the last couple of years I have accompanied individuals as a coach, both on their personal journeys and in the development of their ventures.

Personal Coaching

As a personal coach I accompany human beings on challenging segments of their lives’ journey. Maybe you are currently facing an important decision in your work life (e.g. a new opportunity has arisen), you wish to work on truer and more fulfilling relationships with your partner and family, or you have the feeling that you are holding yourself back through limiting thoughts and behaviors … in a coaching engagement I strive to enable you to find and develop – in yourself – the necessary awareness and potentials to face (and enjoy) the present situation.

In my practice I rely on a wide variety of learnings and techniques, most prominently from Systemic Coaching, Integral Coaching as well as my own meditative practice.


Venture Coaching

The purpose of my venture coaching practice is to enable the individual to express their own creative potential – and in doing so beneficially and sustainably shape our psychological, systemic and cultural realities.

As a venture coach, I assist you in facing the various challenges that arise with the development of your venture and to accompany you in attending to your developmental needs as an entrepreneur and leader.

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Some of the wonderful individuals I have had the pleasure to accompany have shared their thoughts and comments on the coaching process with me.

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