Coaching – the way I perceive and practice it – is a structured process to holistically develop as a human being. The coach is an external anchor and catalyst to this process as well as a midwife for the internal changes to manifest.

A comprehensive look at the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects, and an enquiry into the relationships to stakeholders in your current challenge kicks off the process. This will shed light on the current way of being: its limitations and strengths.

The coaching journey will enable you to envision a new way of being within the coaching topic. We will explore how you can transcend some of the current limitations and transform others into valuable assets for a fulfilling life.

To actually get there, and move from vision to reality, I will design practices for you (just for you – they are custom-fitted!) that build the necessary competencies – the ‘muscles’ – that support you in embodying this new way of being.


In our fist conversation (usually around 20-30 minutes, held over the phone) we will clarify and answer any questions you might have. This conversation is of course free of charge.

In our first meeting, we explore what will be the focus of our time together, your coaching topic(s). On this basis – and with an impression of who you are – I will prepare a bespoke program for you which takes into account your current situation, your potentials and developmental desires.

Systemic Coaching, Integral Coaching, Meditation

My coaching practice is based on and synthesises several approaches and techniques, most prominently Systemic Coaching and Integral Coaching. However, while these approaches are certainly helpful and a solid foundation, it is even more important to act with awareness and listen with an open heart. My meditation helps me here.

Integral Theory provides a map on which we can trace the diverse set of paradigms that constitute our shared reality. It is a meta-theory and proposes a pluralistic and integrative approach in the field of practical application that I have deeply immersed myself into: Integral Coaching.

Depending on your current  needs I  draw on a variety of interventions (like e.g. task setting and self-monitoring techniques, centering exercises and meditation practices, … ) in order to enable you to make use of your innate strengths and the potentials and to overcome the current limiting behaviors, thought patterns and other barriers.

The foundational perspective of Systemic approaches is that reality is ultimately both inextricably interconnected at the deepest levels (i.e. an impulse in one part of the system necessarily shows an effect in the whole system – which means that we don’t have to change the entire system – your life – in order to change it) and constructed (i.e. the theories and assumptions our lives are based upon are chosen and can be changed).

The consistent application of this perspective can lead to the liberating understanding that the mental and behavioral scripts that are guiding (and limiting) the full expression of your potentials can be changed. How? By looking at and challenging your current interpretation of reality. These scripts are very useful to guide you in your life during a certain period of time, however they can become a restraining factor, if you do not ‘update’ them in tune with your own development.

Seeing and understanding that your interpretations of reality are influencing your life in important ways also represents the bridge between systemic therapy and systemic coaching practices and the third pillar of my approach, which is based on meditation.

My coaching process is also strongly influenced by my contemplative practices, Vipassana meditation (Pali: Vipassana – seeing things as they really are) and Yoga. Both allow me to be fully present in the session, physically and mentally, and allow my deepest intuitions to surface and open heart to guide me.



Please go to the references page, to read what people have to say about how I helped them.


When I first met Benedikt, he inspired me to think more about the health and the importance of Dramatize’s cause relating to my personal lifestyle as well as the targets that needed to be made. […] he made me think more about understanding my lifestyle and the barriers I hold and how to use them in a creative manner to ensure Dramatize could excel to the next level.Karen, Social Entrepreneur, London



He is exceptional at constructively challenging me and behaviours or held beliefs to get to the core of things, always leaving me with something actionable or a new path to explore.Sascha, CEO, Berlin




Benedikt not only listened to my worries but also succeeded in giving me guidance on my personal and professional priorities and helped me to define in more depth my values and my objectives.Eliott, Integral Venturer, France




Format, Location, Investment

The three formats outlined below are but a rough sketch on the type of coaching and accompaniment I offer. Depending on how ready you feel for a transformative journey, how deep you want to go and on how many aspects of your life you want to work on, we will agree on a format that truly resonates with you.
As I will need to get to know you and your intent in order to design a suitable program for you, the number of sessions indicated below is exclusive of the first meeting (which I outlined above).

To support you in embodying and putting into practice what we have reflected upon and built up in our sessions, we will arrange a weekly call, in which we briefly speak about your challenges and progress.

Dip Your Toes
1 session
Find out if coaching and my style of coaching and accompaniment are for you you in the ‘Dip Your Toes’ session. Together, we choose a focal point for the Dip Your Toes session in the first meeting. During the session, we will start the clarification process, looking at your current situation and your goals from an integral perspective.
Dive In
Bi-weekly sessions over the course of 3 months
The 5-10 sessions in this format will give us enough time to tackle several, often interconnected, topics. The sessions are stretched out over 3 months, so that you can breathe life into the potentials you uncovered in our sessions. Accompanying your transformation over a longer period of time gives me the opportunity to refine – and if you wish, intensify – your program over time.
Go Deep
Bi-weekly or monthly sessions over the course of 6-12 months
A considerable amount of coaching sessions, stretched out over at least half a year, will contribute considerably to your transformational journey. We address many of the doubts and insecurities that may come up while walking this path. You unfold your potentials, learn to embody them, and build new and resilient ways of being, which are the basis for further development. The program I design for you reflects the length of our work together – and enables you to go deep.Once we have established a solid foundation for our work together, we might schedule sessions on a monthly basis (I will still accompany you through weekly calls).

I am currently based in Munich, Germany.

The monthly cost for a coaching program ranges from € 500-2.500. This includes the face-to-face sessions, their preparation, check-in calls, as well as the design of a customized program for you. The actual amount depends on the intensity of my accompaniment, your income situation and the length of our work together.

I want to enable and accompany human beings independent of their income situation. If you feel, that this coaching would be beneficial to you but you cannot afford to pay above rates, please write me a short message, and we’ll talk about it.



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