The purpose of my teaching activities is to enable individuals to address the challenges we are currently facing as a planetary community through innovative, holistic, and economically productive ventures. I am convinced that business can be a beautiful catalyst for beneficial transformative change. It has an important role to play in enabling individuals to live fulfilling lives by unfolding their unique potentials.

The ancient roots of business lie in ‘oikonomia’, i.e. the sustainable running of a household. This process requires a deep understanding of our surroundings and therefore asks of us to design ventures in a way so that the relationships with the systems that surround us – the infinitely intricate and beautiful web of life we are embedded in – are balanced, healthy, and beneficial. This also requires a deep understanding of ourselves, our inner workings. As we discover the interdependence of our lives and our common evolutionary trajectory through introspective practices, our worldly activities are transformed.

My approach makes use of conceptual, experimental, and reflective elements. It invites participants to explore a holistic entrepreneurial perspective, transmits practical skills, methods and best practices through exercises and experiments, and challenges the individual to focus and reflect on their individual development. This is based on the insight and awareness that next to structured, analytical and objective measures it is beneficial to include intuitive, subjective insights in order to make best use of the multiple intelligences of mind, heart and hand.


I have been fortunate to be invited to design and deliver a variety of courses for outstanding universities and business schools in Europe.
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