"Ours is a time that, more than any other before it,
demands a synthesis of the work on ourselves
with the work in the world."

My work strives to bring together the worlds of Entrepreneurship and Human Development.Being active entrepreneurs in the world around us is necessary to transform our material reality. This applies to all systems we are embedded in; be they economic, political, and social systems, or local, planetary, and universal ecosystems.

Working on ourselves is a prerequisite to being this active entrepreneur, to truly understanding the workings of reality, to unfold our innate potentials, to transform our entire being. Only in this way can we play an active role in human evolution.

As educator, I add this perspective to graduate, undergraduate, and executive curriculae at leading universities in the UK and Germany. As entrepreneur, I strive to create solutions and organisations that embody this vision. As advisor, I enable teams to transform their organisations to serve this highest purpose.