"Entrepreneurship both enables and demands
a synthesis of the work on ourselves
with the work in the world."

Being entrepreneurs, we transform reality by stepping in between what is and what could be. We explore, analyse, and understand the status quo. And simultaneously envision a future state that is both different from the now and desirable. Finally: we need to step up, take action and make things happen on our journey to creating a brighter tomorrow.

As entrepreneurs we transform ourselves. We explore who we are and understand our current way of being. And simultaneously listen to what wants to emerge, what our new way of being might be. Finally: we need to step up, experiment and face our fears on our path to embodying our greatest potentials.

I have been blessed to be able to share this perspective with undergraduate, graduate, and executive students at leading universities in the UK and Germany in my role as educator. In my ventures I strive to contribute to a life-affirming transformation of our socio-systemic reality. In my role as coach and facilitator, I accompany individuals in developing their fullest potentials and enable teams on their paths towards becoming entrepreneurial organisations.